IK-FK Morning sitsit


Good morning and happy New Year! You’ve survived the first week of school already so why mess up your sleep cycle? Take care of yourself and head on down to the Morning sitsit hosted by the Guild of Civil Engineers and the Guild of Physics. At these sitsit you don’t need to worry about appearances! Come as you are when you roll out of bed! We have reserved 15 spots per guild and the remaining 10 spots will be divided among the quickest in each guild.

The signup form will be published at a later time on this page.

The sitsit will be held in Finnish.

Signup opens 19.12.2017 at 12 PM and will close 1.1.2018 at 12 PM. After the signup has closed it will be binding.


WHAT: Morning sitsit

WHERE: Otarannan kerhotila, Otaranta 8

WHEN: 6.1.2018 10 AM

DC: Come as you are when you wake up

COST: 13€

WHY: Get a headstart on the sitsi season