To be a Teekkari

The cap and point cards

You can recognize a teekkari from the cap. The teekkari cap is a summer cap and therefore it is worn from the wappunight (1.5) until Lakinlaskijaiset (30.9). Otherwise the cap can be worn with a permission from Teekkarijaosto (TJ).

If you, freshman, want to put the cap on your head on the possible Wappu 2019, you have to show teekkari spirit and by that show you are worth the cap. This means that during the year you have to complete the needed freshman points. You can get these from almost any event in Otaniemi and the purpose is for you to get to know the activities in AYY. If you do not fulfill these requirements, you can get the cap around mother’s day (second Sunday in May).

You can get the freshman points from the Master of International Affairs of the Guild of Civil Engineering, the Guild of Mechanical Engineers or the Guild of Surveying Engineers.

Content of Freshmen point card:
Every point is counted as one and you need 30 points for the cap. (15 for exchange students that stay for a half a year)

Compulsory points (7 points):
• international event
• become a member of your guild
• polytechnic museum
• singing test
• studies (15 ECTS)
• get to know a member of the international committee
• work point

Voluntary points (min 23 points): Vary from events and guild activities, such as getting overalls, attending parties and sitsis, to different Finnish experiences, like learning Finnish phrases or going to sauna.

The idea with the freshmen points is to get to know the teekkari culture. The collecting of points should be fun (as it of course is)!! 🙂

Get your own from the guild room!

The overalls

Overalls are a symbol for students in different Universities and other schools. By the colour and text in the overalls, you can identify people from different schools and fields of study. The Guild of Civil Engineers wears overalls with the colour of “raksan sininen”, which is dark blue. Also the overalls have a green left sleeve and pocket. Tra
ditionally members of the Guild of Civil Engineers have put their own batch on their left shoulder. This is fastened only in the corners to be able to hang your cap here when it is not worn.

It is much easier and cooler to do things in overalls, because you don’t have to be afraid of getting your clothes dirty. They also are very comfortable to wear. You can buy your overalls from the the Guild Room.


Teekkari culture

Being a Teekkari is activities done together, traditions, association activities and much more. There is not a one way to be a Teekkari: Every freshmen form their own Teekkari-identity when acting in teekkari community. Most importantly being Teekkari is fun and it doesn’t tie you into anything.

Read more about the teekkari culture here!