Guild officials

Internal affairs committee
Company relations and excursions committee

Study committee
Freshmen committee
External relations committee
Other officials

* = Is suitable for freshmen

Internal affairs committee

Sisäasiaintoimikunta (‘committee for internal affairs’) are under the IE, host and hostess.


Pikku-IE (‘little hosts and hostesses) is formed by usually 12 little host and hostesses. They help guild’s host and hostess in organizing events, mostly planning and organizing sitsit.


Iiro Ristikankare, Fanni Kaitale, Lotta Lassila, Mikko Tiili, Iina Ohrankämmen, Sofia Kiikkerä, Rita Raulo, Kristofer Mäkinen, Vilma Jokinen, Fanni Mattsson, Eetu Kotiranta ja Lassi Mäkelä


Eino Yrjänäinen

Songmasters and songleaders

Songmasters and songleaders are responsible for holding IK’s sitsi traditions and developing them. Songmasters are responsible of songleading and helpers get to practice songleading and singing traditions. Songmasters are the people leading songs and singing at sitsit, and they come up with different kinds of speeches during sitsit.

Iiro Lindgren ja Visa Simola

Tuomas Rasku, Tuomas Orava, Matias Saikku, Eelis Hemberg, Kaarlo Forsman, Lassi Mäkelä ja Silja Yli-Juuti

Sports coordinators*

Sports responsibles promote the guild’s sports activities by organizing different sports events like sports turns and trying different sports.

Rosa-Maria Alaraasakka, Iiro Hyvönen ja Jutta Kanerva

Culture responsibles

The culture coordinators are responsible by the guilds chiller cultural events, that can be anything they want. Previous events have been for example wine tasting, sushi evening and poker tournament.

Silja Yli-Juuti, Henri Hakala, Atte Ahti, Mikael Väisänen, Ossi Perttu, Susanna Karlqvist, Soile Bäckström ja Anni Lehikoinen

Guild room coordinators

The guild room coordinators are responsible for maintaining and developing the guild room and they can for example do small surprises in the guild room for everyone’s delight.

Heidi Kaukinen, Nina Tanskanen, Sara Kasanen ja Janne Suominen

Guild DJ

The guild’s DJ is responsible for playing music in the guild’s events. If you for example own a DJ-set and would like to play in smaller events, this is for you!

Atte Ahti, Tuomas Rasku ja Henri Vaitomaa

Company relations and excursion committee

Company relations helpers*

The company relations helpers help the master of company relations in their tasks.

Sten Stambej ja Julia Kondakov

Excursion helpers*

Excursion helpers help the master of excursion in their tasks. The biggest task is organizing KPP in the autumn.

Eetu Kotiranta, Kristofer Mäkinen, Fanni Mattsson ja Iiro Ristikankare


Kimble-coordinators take care that the traditional Norske Kimble is organized.

Erik Jaatinen ja Iiro Lindgren

Study committee

The study committee works under the guild’s master of studies.

Study helpers

Study helpers help the master of studies in their events, like summer job sauna. They are also often hallopeds (student representative).

Janne Suominen

Alumni coordinator

Alumni coordinator’s tasks are holding developing IK’s alumni network. This includes for communicating with alumni and organizing events for alumni with the study committee.

Samuel Viitikko, Katarina Varteva ja Soile Bäckström

Freshmen committee

Freshmen committee works under the guild’s Freshmen captain.

ISOvastaava, tutor responsible

ISOvastaava, tutor responsible is responsible of the guild’s tutors. The tasks include recruiting tutors and communicating with them. They work closely with the freshmen captain and the board. They belong to ITMK, which gathers all tutor responsibles from Otaniemi and organizes events for all tutors.

                Mikko Jantunen

International bachelor responsible = CaptENG

Daniela Schenk


External relations committee

The external relations committee works under the master of foreign affairs.

International Buddy*

International buddies help the master of foreign affairs, for example with translating texts, organizing international events and English communication.

Eelis Hemberg ja Simo Pekkinen


Ruutiset toimikunta toimii killan päätoimittajan alaisuudessa.

Ruutiset-committee is under the guild’s editor-in-chief


The documentors take photos of events and update them to gallery. There can be more than one person – and the most important is to like to take pictures and go to events.!

               Susanna Karlqvist ja Fanni Mattsson


The reporters’ main task is to write articles to guild’s magazine Ruutiset.

Iiro Lindgren, Niko Kälkäjä, Matias Saikku, Daniel Haaranen, Irene Konola, Simo Pekkinen, Sara Kasanen, Visa Simola, Mikko Tuohino, Atte Ahti, Lauri Pöyry, Jaakko Aho, Laura Markkanen, Susanna Karlqvist, Eino Yrjänäinen ja Mikael Väisänen


The graphics make pictures and videos for guild’s needs (events, website, social media). It is the most  creative task and gives you a lot of freedom!

Matias Saikku, Tuukka Harvela, Susanna Karlqvist ja Sara Kasanen

Website responsible

The website responsible maintains and develops the website. Creating content is a part of it, and it is in collaborations with other guild officials. Updating the website is simple.

Webbi[Soile] Bäckström

Archive responsible

The archive responsible’s task is to make sure that the guild’s activities are achived properly for next generations. They take materials to AYY’s archive.

Susanna Karlqvist ja Daniel Haaranen

Other officials

Annual ball coordinator

The annual ball coordinators take care of IK’s annual ball (Hermanninsitsit)

Tuukka Harvela ja Silja Yli-Juuti

Building coordinator.

The building coordinator organizes building a vehicle to Winter days and Otatarha race.

Alex Tolonen


ExotIK is IK’s own dance group that performs sometimes in events. The responsible’s task is to coordinate dances and have practices for them.

Katarina Varteva

Social media coordinator

The social media coordinator creates content to guild’s social media (facebook, instagram, snapchat).

Susanna Karlqvist


The TEK-person is a link between the guild and TEK and holds for example a lecture about TEK for new freshmen in orientation week.

Iiro Lindgren


MAIK is a club that gathers IK, MK and AK. Its purpose is to connect the students of these areas. MAIK-responsible is a member of MAIK ry’s board for the year. It is possible to be chairman, treasurer, secretary or a member of board. It is mostly organizing MAIK events.

Laura Aalto, Mikko Tiili ja Rita Raulo

Dirty old aunt and uncle

The guild’s dirty old aunt and uncle make sure that guild’s traditions keep on from one generations to another when the officials change. They usually name their follower in the election meeting.

Vanha likainen täti
Heidi Kaukinen

Vanha likainen setä
Samuel Viitikko

Auditors and their substitutes

They make sure that guild follows necessary laws and rules.

Anton Närekorpi (Daniel Haaranen) ja Ville Kirjonen (Iiro Lindgren)