IKxAK family and friends sitsit

AK 💙 IK 💚 Family 💜 Friends


Family is the best and friends are fun <3 What’s also fun is AK x IK family & friends sitsit and the theme for it is blue, green and purple. The colors co-ordinate how you’re related to your avec. If you bring someone from your family, you should both have something blue on you. If it’s your partner, your color is purple. And if you’re bringing a friend with you the color is green! 


So grab your mom, best friend, cousin, partner, neighbor or your aunt’s cat’s godparent to celebrate the celebration of colors to Smökki on Wednesday 11th of May! The cocktail party starts at 6pm and the sitsit begin at 6:30pm. 


Registration opens on Thursday April 28th at 12 and becomes binding on May 6th at the end of registration. There are 90 spots for IK and 90 spots for AK so you better be fast! Avecs are included in the limited spots for each guild. When you register for the event, you need to fill in your avec’s information too. So check your avec’s information in advance. You can change this information until the end of the registration.


WHAT: Family & Friends sitsit for the Guild of Architecture and the Guild of Civil Engineering 

WHERE: Smökki

WHEN: 11th of May at 18:00

PRICE: 16€

DRESSCODE: Coctail with corresponding accessorizes with your avec!

WHY: We are better together than separate


Registration opens on 28.4. at 12p.m.Ilmoittautuminen aukeaa 11.5. klo 12:00 in here.