After a two-year break, the traditional IK-MYY-VASARA sitsis are back! The theme is “-ARI”, so any dressing will do as long as it ends in -ari or -äri. Fire up your brain cells and your creativity. 🤩
The IK-MYY-VASARA sit-down will take place on 3rd of March. the cocktail event starts at 18.00 and the sitsis start at 18.30. The menu for the evening is completely vegan, including starter, main course and dessert. After party in Kamppi at Matlu Kluster (Leppäsuonkatu 11).


WHERE: Malmi Työväentalo, Takaniitynkuja 9, 00780 Helsinki, After party in Kamppi Leppäsuonkatu 11

WHEN: Fri 3rd of March, Starts at 18.00 and tables at 18.30

WHY: Because when you sit

PRICE: 15€

Costume code: -ari end (vaari, saari, kaari, strippari)

Please buy your ticket from IK’s quota. IK’s quota is 45 seats.

Ticket sales: kideapp 20.2. at 15:00 at: https://kide.app/events/0d42c1c3-5ef9-412d-b078-b74fba89f304