110. Hermanninsitsi (IK’s Annual ball)

110. Hermanninsitsi

One of the most important things that happened in 1913 is that the Guild of Engineers was founded! We get to celebrate the anniversary, Hermanninsitsi, in honor of this on Friday 14 April 2023!

The day starts with cocktail party in Ramboll’s headquarter and from there we move to the venue, Paasitorni. The party starts at 6.30 pm in there and continues until midnight when the afterparty starts in place X. 

You can sign up for Hermanninsitsi below and 
Registration of invited guests: Mon 20.2. from 17 to 28.2. at 11.59 pm Registration of guild members: Mon 6.3. at 5 p.m.-Sun 12.3. at 23:59
Note. Alumni have a quota of 70 people.
Sign up becomes binding once it is closed.

The dress code for the occasion is a formal dress with academic honors.

The price of the dinner card is €90 for students and €120 for graduates. Participation in the next mornings breakfast costs €20.


14.30 Cocktail event
Ramboll headquarters
Itsehallintokuja 3

18.30 Main venue
Paasivuorenkatu 5 A

00.00 Afterparty
Place X

Next day brunch – Sillis
12.00 onwards
Place Y


110. Hermanni is arranged with