Professional Subject Associations

Often called “AA clubs” (short for ammattiainekerho but in some other contexts AA means anonymous alcoholics… ), these associations are not for recovering addicts but rather for students who wish to deepen their connection to a specific subject. The guilds are relatively large organizations catering to everyone, but here you can connect with likeminded people and go on fascinating excursions. Of course, nothing stops you from joining several of them if you are interested! Most of the activity is in Finnish, but just ask and you’ll surely get help.

Below are the AA-clubs for the Guild of Civil Engineers. The AA-clubs for other ENG guilds can be found on their websites, and you are more than welcome to join those too if you’re interested!



Poligoni​ is a student association for the Aalto University’s Geoinformatics students, which aims to familiarize the students to the profession and the job opportunities it presents. The organization’s most important events include company visits, sauna evenings and the annual spring seminar.



The ​MKR Club ​is the university’s Geotechnical and Hydraulic Engineering club.  The purpose of the club is to familiarize its members with business contacts and to offer diverse and professional activities.




AKVA ​is the Water and Environmental Technology Students’ Club, which welcomes everyone interested in the water and the environment.




LINKKI​ is a ​club for people interested in traffic and road technology.






The ​LVI Club​ is a student association aimed for students interested in architectural engineering and energy engineering



LVK ​brings together students of energy technology at the Aalto University School of Engineering and other interested parties in the energy sector. The purpose of the club is to give the opportunity to develop professional skills and at the same time to provide employers with the opportunity to get acquainted with and recruit self-motivated future experts.




ROPO ​is a ​traditional trade club for students interested in building economics and building construction, with the aim of bringing together students and graduate engineers in a professional sense and a sense of comfort.