Places in Otaniemi

Many places in Otaniemi have a nickname. So that it would be easier to go places, here is a list of the names, what they mean and where they are.



Keto = AYY office

Rantsu = Rantasauna, Sauna near the sea, behind Jämeräntaival 5

Gorsu = at Jämeräntaival 5

Ossinsauna = at Otakaari 18

OK20pieni/iso = a sauna with two separate rooms (small/big), Otakaari 20

Smökki = Servin mökki, Jämeräntaival 4

Kattosauna = Jämeräntaival 3 A, top floor

Kylän Olohuone = bottom floor Jämeräntaival 5 A

Avain-sauna = top floor Otaranta 8 E

Street names:

JMT = Jämeräntaival

SMT = Servin Maijan tie

OK = Otakaari