Guild officials

Internal affairs committee
External affairs committee
Study committee
Freshmen committee
Masters committee
Communications committee
Other officials and committees

Internal affairs committee

Internal affairs committee is led by the Vice chair.

Culture coordinators

The culture coordinators are responsible by the guilds chiller cultural events, that can be anything they want.

Lotta Aalto (Master of Culture), Joonatan Seppänen, Sofia Harri, Iiris Vuorialho, Anna Laaksonen, Kalle Koskela, Matti Viitanen

Sports coordinators

Sports coordinators promote the guild’s sports activities by organizing different sports events like sports turns and trying different sports.

Matti Viitanen (Master of Sport), Alex Savolainen, Kalle Koskela, Samuli Aaltonen, Minna Rantakokko, Tatu Aapro, Moazam Imran, Jere Marttinen

Hiking coordinators

Hiking coordinators arrange for the guild’s annual hiking trip.

Vertti Hatara (Master of Hike), Vilma Lehmusvaara, Elina Leinonen, Liisa Ryhänen

Guild room coordinators

The guild room coordinators are responsible for maintaining and developing the guild room and they can for example do small surprises in the guild room for everyone’s delight.

Ilmari Oinonen, Lotta Elonen, Petteri Niska, Pessi Parkkinen, Katariina Kokkonen

Comp Eng Officer

Comp Eng Officer (CEO) is responsible for orginising events for students from the Computational Engineering study programme together with officers from different English Bachelor Programmes in Aalto University.

Lari Paukkunen

Archive responsibles

The archive responsible’s task is to make sure that the guild’s activities are achived properly for next generations. They take materials to AYY’s archive.

Lassi Mäkelä, Susanna Karlqvist, Lauri Vallo

Sauna raft committee

Sauna raft committee, led by Raft Admirals, takes care of the guild’s sauna raft.

Raft Admirals

Lotta Elonen, Lauri Vallo

Raft captains and raft sailors

Lassi Mäkelä, Joonatan Seppänen, Laura Aalto, Tuomas Lehto, Leevi Koistinen, Miika Luhtamäki, Ilmari Oinonen, Anna Laaksonen, Pyry Matikainen, Otto Jalas, Simo Kauppila, Kalle Koskela, Matti Viitanen, Elias Peltola, Vertti Hatara, Petteri Niska, Pessi Parkkinen

External affairs committee

External affairs committee is led by the Master of Corporate Relations and the Master of Excursion.

Corporate Affairs helpers

Corporate Affairs Helpers help with orginising excursions or getting sponsors for guild’s events.

Karla Raatikainen, Aleksi Tallgren, Elias Punkka, Leo Doineau


Kimble-coordinators take care that the traditional Norske Kimble is organized.

Lauri Vallo, Susanna Karlqvist, Tuukka Harvela, Otto Jalas

Study committee

Study committee is led by the Master of Studies.

Study helpers

Study helpers help the master of studies in their events, like summer job sauna. They are also often hallopeds (student representative).

Lauri Vallo

Alumni coordinators

Alumni coordinator’s tasks are holding developing IK’s alumni network. This includes for communicating with alumni and organizing events for alumni with the study committee.

Laura Aalto, Lassi Mäkelä

Abi coordinators

Iiris Vuorlaho, Elli Peltoniemi, Leo Doineau


IE-family is led by the IE.


They help guild’s IE in organizing events, mostly planning and organizing sitsit.

Joel Vainio, Kati Koskela, Hanna Paajanen, Elli Peltoniemi, Saimi-Sofia Pirinen, Petteri Niska, Henrik Siltari, Pessi Parkkinen, Essi Korpi, Roni Sulmio, Juuso Saari, Carita Koski, Mikko Ihamäki, Hertta Lammio


IE-elves help guild’s IE, but they usually have already a little experiense in orginising parties.

Leevi Koistinen, Hilkka Gröhn, Aino Juvakka, Matias Pesonen, Aleksi Tallgren, Karla Raatikainen, Simo Kauppila, Matti Viitanen, Vertti Hatara, Antti Vuorenmaa, Alex Kozorenko, Aapo Salonen, Vilma Martti

Song masters and song leaders

Songmasters and songleaders are responsible for holding IK’s sitsi traditions and developing them. Songmasters are responsible of songleading and helpers get to practice songleading and singing traditions. Songmasters are the people leading songs and singing at sitsit, and they come up with different kinds of speeches during sitsit.

Song masters

Laura Aalto, Simo Kauppila

Song leaders

Lassi Mäkelä, Ramzi El Geneidy, Atte Jämsén, Lauri Anttila

Song leader students *

Leevi Koistinen, Lauri Vallo, Ilmari Oinonen, Iiris Vuorialho

Freshmen committee

Freshmen committee is led by the Freshmen captains.


ISOvastaava, tutor responsible is responsible of the guild’s tutors. The tasks include recruiting tutors and communicating with them. They work closely with the freshmen captain and the board. They belong to ITMK, which gathers all tutor responsibles from Otaniemi and organizes events for all tutors.

Alex Kozorenko

Masters committee

Masters committee is led by the Master captain.


KvISOvastaava, international tutor responsible is responsible of the guild’s master tutors. The tasks include recruiting tutors and communicating with them. They organise a group of tutors that help exchange students and master students with a fluent student life in Otaniemi.

Hilkka Gröhn

Communications committee

Communications committee is led by the Communications officer.

Ruutiset committee

The comittee is responsible for writing the guild magazine Ruutiset. Ruutiset-committee is under the guild’s editor-in-chief.

Ruudolf Ruutinen, editor-in-chief

Lauri Anttila


Laura Aalto, Iiris Vuorialho, Leevi Koistinen, Lassi Mäkelä, Ilmari Oinonen, Lauri Vallo, Niilo Kantoniemi, Simo Kauppila, Lotta Aalto, Lauri Sääskilahti, Markus Manninen, Teemu Kanninen

Social Media responsibles

Social media responsibles create content on guild’s media platforms.

Katariina Kokkonen, Ronja Punkka, Aino Juvakka, Tommi Karvonen, Aino Ylänne


Photographers take pictures from guild’s events and post them on guild’s gallery.

Simo Kauppila, Ella Koivisto, Matt Khöröngöt


They create pictures, logos, videos etc. for guild’s events and website.

Katariina Kokkonen, Lotta Elonen, Niklas Riihelä, Ella Koivisto

Website responsibles

They are responsible for developing guild’s websites.

Katariina Kokkonen

Other officers and committees

110th annual ball committee

The annual ball committee orginises IK’s annual ball (Hermanninsitsit) and the week of events prior to the ball.

Fanni Mattsson, Iiris Vuorialho, Ilmari Oinonen, Kalle Koskela, Katariina Kokkonen, Laura Aalto, Lauri Vallo, Leevi Koistinen, Lotta Aalto, Lotta Elonen, Matti Viitanen, Nina Tanskanen, Simo Kauppila, Susanna Karlqvist, Tomas Kurenniemi, Vertti Hatara ja Vilma Martti

Song book committee

Song book committee creates guild’s new song book for the 110th annual ball.

Laura Aalto, Ramzi el Geneidy, Matias Saikku, Teemu Kanniainen, Lassi Mäkelä, Fanni Mattsson, Simo Kauppila, Saku Ristolainen, Lauri Vallo

ExotIK responsibles

ExotIK is IK’s own dance group that performs sometimes in events. The responsible’s task is to coordinate dances and have practices for them.

Hilkka Gröhn, Katariina Kokkonen


The TEK-person is a link between the guild and TEK and holds for example a lecture about TEK for new freshmen in orientation week.

Otto Jalas

MAIK responsibles

MAIK is a club that gathers IK, MK and AK. Its purpose is to connect the students of these areas. MAIK-responsible is a member of MAIK ry’s board for the year. It is possible to be chairman, treasurer, secretary or a member of board. It is mostly organizing MAIK events.

Lauri Kalke, Emmi Volanen, Aino Ylänne

Harrasment contact persons

The harassment contact person is there for anyone who has experienced harassment and helps to solve the case. You can contact the harassment contact persons if you experience harassment or see bullying, discrimination, harassment or any inappropriate behavior in a guild’s event or activities. Read more about guild’s harrasment guidlines here.

Katariina Kokkonen, Vilma Martti, Sofia Ahola, Olli Salmela

Dirty old aunt and uncle

The guild’s dirty old aunt and uncle make sure that guild’s traditions keep on from one generations to another when the officials change. They usually name their follower in the election meeting.

Fanni Kaitale, Lassi Mäkelä

Auditors and their subtitutes

They make sure that guild follows necessary laws and rules. The substitute of the respective auditor is bracketed.

Tomas Kurenniemi (Lauri Vallo), Lassi Mäkelä (Matias Saikku)