Archives visit

✨💙Archives visit during the annual ball week💚✨

What has been going on in the 111-year history of the Guild? What was the annual party like in the 80s? What were overalls like at the turn of the millennium? What treasures are hidden in the archives? Did you know that the Guild even had an archive??

We welcome you to discover the history of the Guild during the annual ball week with a visit to the archives. Guild archive responsibles Aino and Lauri will dig up some interesting artefacts from the years, including anniversary gifts, photos and more!

You can come to the archives at a time that suits you, between 14:30 and 16:30. Please send a message when you arrive @towerdanger to ensure we can fit everyone into the limited space available at the archive.

What? Visit to the Guild’s archives

When? Tuesday 9.4. 14:30-16:30

Where? Otaranta 8, AYY’s archives

Why? Interesting bits and pieces of guild history