ENG Practice Sitsit 2020

ENG Practice Sitsit on January 23rd!

A new study term has started with new courses, new responsibilities and a lot of work. Outside is dark and cold all the time. How do students survive this time? The answer is sitsit!

ENG International team organizes ENG Practice Sitsit on Thursday January 23rd in Otakaari 20. Sign up to experience this traditional student academic table party with a three course meal, variety of drinks and most important, singing!

Whether you have no previous exprience of sitsit or are already a seasoned sitsimaster, now is the time to sign up:

#What: ENG Practice Sitsit

#Who: All ENG students are welcome! Spring term exchange students are prioritized, but all are very welcome!

#Where: Otakaari 20

#When: 23.1. starting at 18.00 (sitsit 18.30)

#How much: 15 euros




* Compulsory

IK: 11
Stefan Feick
Nicole Lindenau
Simon Marg
Erbshäuser Linus
Wiebke Hoberg
Stefanie Radinger
Jonas Schmidt
Julia Dippmann
Stephanie Lackner
Nina Fletling
Kristina Heinze


MK: 0


KIK: 12
Martin Guggemos
Mirko Schneider
Marcel Drescher
Michael Bosse
Maren Michelhans
Janina Endres
Richard Dunkel
Radek Stepanek
Marek Svoboda
Marek Svoboda
Eszter Smudla
Mikko Kähkönen


Greetings to organizers:
Moro kaikille 🙂
All the love <3 for offering us this!
Moi 🙂
Let's have a great evening!
thanks so much for giving us the chance to experience your student life and make us feel so welcome here. 🙂