IK Freshmen points




  • 1 The aim of the Teekkari Cap Diploma is to introduce freshmen to teekkari culture and the Guild of Civil Engineering. The completion of this diploma entitles its bearer to receive and wear the Teekkarilakki on the potential Wappu of 2020.


  • 2 In order to be entitled to receive the Teekkarilakki on the potential Wappu of 2020, you must earn 300 fuksi (freshmen) points of which 100 are compulsory, as well as completing the “Maturity Test & Final Project” section. The rest of the points can be collected from the different sections as desired. Before the potential Wappu of 2020, you also need to have completed at least 8 study credits (1 cr = 0,5 fuksi points).


  • 3 The Freshmen points are confirmed primarily by your own guild’s Freshmen Captain and the CaptENG (for IB Freshmen). Freshmen points can also be confirmed by the Freshmen Major, another guild’s Freshmen Captain or the Tutor Coordinator.


  • 4 The work points are collected in order to give you an insight into the organisation of your own guild’s events. The (20 p) work points correspond to about 5h of active work under the instruction of the event organisers. You need to complete at least two (2) work points. Any extra points will be counted towards the diploma. Work points are mainly to be completed at events of the Guild of Civil Engineering or a Professional Subject Association.


  • 5 The open points are reserved for section-appropriate activities that are not separately mentioned in the diploma. The Freshmen Captain/ CaptENG decides if the points are applicable.


  • 6 If you have any problems, questions, desire for conversation or a particularly good joke on your mind, you are to contact your Freshmen Captain or the CaptENG.


Spring 2019


Daniela Schenk                +358 40 18 78 388

IB Captain/Lieutenant/something        daniela.schenk@aalto.fi


Matias Saikku                     +358 40 411 0902

Fuksi Captain 2019                matias.saikku@aalto.fi



Work point I    20p.

Work point II    20p.

Polyteekkari museum visit    10p.

Song test, part I    5p.

Song test, part II    5p.

Groupwork    10p.

IK-jäynä     20p.

CaptENG’s tête-à-tête    10p.

Study credits x 0,5    _p.

(min 8 credits.)



Election meeting    15p.

Guild official/CC    10p.

Tutor point    15p.

Yearbook text    10p.

Free excursion I    5p.

Free excursion II    10p.

Company-/study sauna    10p.

RIL- & TEK-membership    10p.

PSA-club membership    10p.

Sub association membership    10p.

RaJa-point    10p.


WELLBEING (min 15p)

Guild room hangout point    5p.

Freshmen’s sportsday    10p.

Aalto10    10p.

Sport type tryout    10p.

Guild’s sports event    10p.

Open sports point    10p.

Norske Kimble Cup    10p.



Freshmen welcome evening     15p.

Freshmen group hangout    10p.

Fuksiaiset    15p.

Fuksi Excursion    15p.

KPP    15p.

KP    10p.

HBN?!?!    15p.

RILkamat    15p.

pIKkujoulut    10p.

Piparielementti    10p.

Open point 1    15p.

Open point 2    15p.


MAJOR (min 10p)

MAIK-Head Start    10p.

Aalto party    10p.

Otaorienteering    15p.

Helsinki Orienteering    15p.

Lakinlaskijaiset    15p.

Otatarhan ajot    10p.

Winter Day    10p.

Laskiaisrieha    15p.

Gravitaatio    10p.


MINOR (min 10p)

Kaukkarit    10p.

Lettucup    5p.

ENG-festival    15p.

ENG-sitsit    10p.

Polin appro (Poli’s pubcrawl)    10p.

4 guild cruise    10p.

RIL youth gaala    15p.

MAIK-cruise    10p.

Energy engineering days    10p.



Pubcrawl of choice    10p.

Other guild’s party I    10p.

Other guild’s party II    10p.

Blood donation/ good deed    5p.

FSHS health survey    5p.

Highschool torch walk    5p.

Introduction to CaptENG    10p.

International point    10p.

Pig point     1sp.

(prevents getting the cap at Wappu)


CULTURE (min 15p)

Sitsi lesson/CC-election    15p.

Song sauna     5p.

Fuksisitsit (Freshmen sitsit)    20p.

½-Hermanni    5p.

  1. Hermanninsitsi 5p.

Freshmen Celebration sitsit    10p.

Other sitsit    10p.

Open culture point    10p.

Choir/orchestra point    15p.