Mexican cooking evenings

Lets cook some Mexican vegetarian food😍🥑

Gary and his wife Lily are running a two-night course for our guilds to learn how to cook authentic Mexican food! The course is held at Design Factory and the evenings will be held in English. There is room for 15 students and each participant should be able to attend both times: 4.5. & 17.5. Both evenings starts at 6 p.m.

    Kyllä / Yes

    * Compulsory

    Attendees: 15/15:
    Laura Aalto
    Nina Tanskanen
    Lotta Aalto
    Tuomas Ridanpää
    Sofia Neuvonen
    Lari Paukkunen
    Juho Antikainen
    Johanna Järviluoto
    Alina Lind
    Emmi Volanen
    Lionel Irrmann
    Saku Ristolainen
    Lassi Mäkelä
    Mikko Jantunen
    Teemu Huotari
    Reserved spots: