Summer Competition

IK’s Summer Competition (Kesäkisat) is held at Alvari aquare on June 8th! After the summer comptetition we get to enjoy sauna at Rantasauna at Kesäkaukkarit.

The biggest competition is something, that only the strongest of us can do: 110 meters fences. The IK’s traditional, very popular sport is the first one of the competitions, and a great fun for participants and audience. The rules are simple: go a 10 meter distance as fast as you can, then go over an alcoholic water barrier, and repeat this until 110 meter is over.

After the sportful 110 meter fences we continue the day with Holympics. It is competed in small teams. There is many relaxed group sports, where you get to show what you can do with your team. The best team gets a reward!

So bring your friends on June 8th and come to Alvari square sports stadium to have fun and do sports! Rantasauna is open right after the competition.

WHAT: IK Summer Competition (Kesäkisat)

WHERE: Alvari Square

WHEN: 8.6.


15.00 110 meter sarts

17.00 Holympics

18 -> Rantasauna

HOW MUCH: The event is free, but bring your own refreshments

AFTERPARTY: Rantasauna