Sitz Of The Apocalypse ft. VITA

As the unknown decade dawns on us, the Guild Of Civil Engineers decided to join forces with students of Environmental and Food Economics. Together they decided that the time has come to get the 40 fastest members of these groups to the Noah’s Arc of the new age and to celebrate what the ancient Assyrians already foresaw millenia ago: “There are signs, which tell that the world is quickly coming to an end”.

Give up all hope and come watch the world burn! The sitz to end it all takes place in OK20 on wednesday 22.1.2020.

The sing-up for the event will commence on 3.1.2020 at 12:00 at a link below.

WHAT? Sitz Of The Apocalypse
WHEN? Wednesday 22.1.2020 at 18:30
DC? Apocalypse
WHY? None will be safe from the culling!

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