IKxPT Wanhojen ‘Wappu’sitsit

Your old eyes are by no means lying, but IKxPT Wanhojen ‘Wappu’sitsit are coming this year too!

28.8. it’s time to get away from the remote, wipe the dust off the songbook and repeat the route to Smökki, because it’s really time for the Wanhat of IK and PT to wander back to Smökki to sitz in the spirit of a wappusimulaattori. All healthy IK and PT teekkaricap owners are welcome, so the 2019 Fuksis are also warmly welcome!

Registration for sitz opens on 30.7. at 18:00 and closes on 18.8. at 18:00, after which registration is binding. Registration takes place at https://www.prosessiteekkarit.fi/ilmo/event/21. The sitz have room for the 160 first entrants to ensure adequate safety clearances. The event follows enhanced hygiene solutions to ensure the safest possible sitz. Please do not come with the flu and feel free to contact the organizers if you have any questions!

Sitsit cost 13 € and the payment is done with bank transfer. Information for the transfer will be given in the confirmation email, so make sure that you spell your email correctly.

The event has the following factors that increase the risk of infection:
– Indoor event
– Singing together
– The food / drinks served is not prepared by professionals

The afterparty is in the same space and the seats are only for the sitz participants. The afterparty will not be open for everyone and tickets are given only for those who participate to the event.

WHAT: Wanhojen ‘Wappu’sitsit
WHERE: Smökki
WHEN: friday 28.8., cocktail 18:30, gong 19:00
COST: 13 €
DC: Overalls, teekkaricap and ‘Wappu’ feel
WHY: What would end the summer better than ‘Wappu’?