IK autumn sitz

Oh no! Events are cancelled left and right! The student’s calendar has never looked so bleak, their wallet never so full, and their study curriculum never so responsible. If only we had something to alleviate these issues…

Fear not, for the fastest have an opportunity to address all of the aforementioned tragedies! This IK-only sitz on saturday 26.9 forces you to dig up your dictionary and find words that end with -nen, since that is what you will have to dress up as, a -nen.

One should definitely rehearse their F5 skills, because this is a test of skill and speed. Sign up to the event starts on monday at 12:00 sharp, so be ready!

registration link

WHAT: An autumn sitz
WHERE: Outside Smökki
WHEN: Saturday the 26th of September, starting 18:30.
DRESSCODE: -nen, along with warm weather-appropriate clothing!