IK’s summer competition

The more than traditional IK’s summer competition, kesäkisat, will be held at Otaranta on the 12th of June!

The main attraction of the competition is naturally the true test of endurance, the 110m dash. The rules of this sport are quite simple: traverse a 10m distance as fast as you can, best the alcoholic obstacle, repeat until you reach the goal. The drinks will be offered free of charge for the 20 fastest to sign up.

The sign-up to 100m dash opens on 31st of May at 18:00! Sign up from this link:

After the dash the sports festival continues with holympics, in which small teams of four attend. Holympics consists of chill races in which the teams can exert their supremacy on others, but to even the playing field, each teams’ result is multiplied by the value given by an alcometer. May the best team win!

To keep the racers as well as spectators well fed, there is ample bbqing throughout the whole festival! So call your friends and gather them from the grime of their home, assemble your team, and come spend a day of sports and glory on the 12th of June at Otaniemi’s Otaranta! Alternatively come chill with your friends and feast on the bbq, or if you dare, attend the 110m dash!

WHERE: Otaranta, the 12th of June
WHEN: 15:00 110m dash, 17:00 holympics
HOW MUCH: Free! Free obstacles for the first 20 dashers.
WHY: Because this is not a zoom-event.