IKxAK sits

It’s black-and-white: AK <3 IK

Our dear guilds meet again at a shared sitsit-table! The theme is “Black and White”, which means that on November 27th. on Saturday you need to grab your coolest dalmatian, black and white film or chess board outfit and come enjoy the evening with good friends. The cocktail party starts at. 5pm and the sitsit begins at. 5:30 p.m.

Registration opens on Monday November 8th at 12 and becomes binding on November 15th at the end of registration. There are 40 spots for IK and 40 spots for AK you better be fast!

WHAT: The Architect Guild and the Civil Engineer Guild have a sitsit-party together
WHERE: Otakaari 20 upstairs
WHEN: Sat 27.11. at 17:00, the sitsit at 17:30
COSTS?: 15 €
DC: Black and white
WHY: IK <3 AK forever!