Energy Days 2022

Energy days are coming once again! Energy students from Tampere and Lappeenranta gather to Otaniemi 23.-24.3.2022 to make new friends while learning from energy. The days include a seminar, sitsit, afterparty and a sillis. The event is organised in collaboration by IK an LVK(Energy Engineering -Club).

Note: The seminar will be held in finnish, but we encourage all english speaker to enroll to the event.

The seminar starts at 12 o’clock on wednesday!

What: Energy Days
Where: Otaniemi
When: 23.-24.3.
Whom: 50 + 50 + 50 + 10 (YKI(Tampere), Armatuuri(Lappeenranta), IK ja KIK(The Guild of Mechanical Engineers)
Why: Cuz energy is eternal 🙂

Price: 25e

DC: Overalls

Enroll from this link. The form opens on 28.2.2022 at 12.00 o’clock.

If you have any questions, contact @OmenaJ on telegram!