Sports excursion

Hiphei, it’s time for annual celebration week’s sport excursion!


This year our sports tutors prepare our guild members to celebration mood with a sport excursion. As our celebration Hermanninsitsi is a sure sign of the coming summer – and thus of coming beach volley season – our sports tutors decided to take a headstart to the season and organize casual indoors beach volley event. So prepare your volley ball gear and mark 4.4. to your calendar when three indoor courts are reserved for our guild members.

The event is designed for all levels of players so have no fear if you don’t have any experience on beach volley ball. The event starts 15 o’clock and the guild organizes a collective departure from Otaniemi. More information on the collective deoparture will follow. You can also arrive at your own. After the event there’s a possibility for a sauna, so take your sauna equipment with you.


There are places for the first thirty persons. The registration opens at 23.3.2022 12:00 o’clock.

WHAT: Indoor beach volley excursion
WHEN: Monday 4.4. starting at 15- o’clock
WHERE: Energiankatu 3, Helsinki
WHAT TO TAKE WITH YOU: Sand-proof sports equipment and sauna gear
REGISTRATION: 23.3.2022 12:00


Registration link