What would you do next year? How does the guild actually run and who organises the events? What can you do in the guild in general? Kiltailta is a great opportunity to find out more about how you can get involved!

So come to Ossinsauna on 4 November at 17:00 to find out more about the guild’s activities and board and guild officer positions. After the informative part, you will have the opportunity to stay and spend the evening in the sauna with your fellow guild members!


About rules:

Our board has prepared a rule change for an additional meeting of the guild. The meeting will be announced separately. If you are interested in hearing more about the rule change and influencing its content, we welcome you to discuss it in the Ossinsauna before the guild meeting on 4 November at 4 p.m. We hope you will make your voice heard here, so that the details are fine-tuned before the guild’s meeting.


What? Kiltailta

Where? Ossinsauna

When? 4.11. at 17:00

What does it cost? Nothing!