3+ sauna

🧖3+ Sauna🧖

The traditional 3+ sauna will take place at the Otaranta rooftop sauna on Wednesday 8.11. from 18:00! Registration starts on Friday 27.10. at 12 noon täällä..

This event is for you if your studies started in 2021 or earlier. So grab your swimsuit and towel and head to the rooftop sauna to catch up with old friends. There will be food and, of course, a sauna.

If you have any questions or want to cancel your registration, please contact Vilma @Taskumartti or Sofia @aholansofia <3


What? 3+ sauna

Where? Otaranta rooftop sauna

When? Wednesday 8.11. from 18:00

Registration? Fri 27.10. at 12 noon

What does it cost? 0€