IK x AS elder Students’ Wappu Sitsit

It’s time to celebrate Wappu together with the elders (2+) of IK and AS! Head to Smökki on Tuesday, April 23rd, at 6 PM with plenty of Wappu spirit and your overalls adorned with the finest Wappu decorations!

There are 180 spots available for the first sign-ups, 90 for AS members and 90 for IK members. Registration for the sitsit opens on Tuesday, April 9th, at 12:00 PM and closes on April 16th at 11:55 PM, becoming binding at the same time.


WHAT? Elder Students’ Wappu Sitsit (2+ years of studies)
WHERE? Smökki
WHEN? April 23rd, 2024, pre-drinks at 6 PM, gong at 6:30 PM
WHY? Because WAPPU
DC? Overalls with Wappu decorations

For more information, contact @PiriSaikku on Telegram.

The event is fair and equal for everyone, and any form of harassment will not be tolerated. The event follows the principles of AYY’s safer space policy.