Pikkulaskiainen 2022

Students all over Finland gather to Turku for the winter festival Pikkulaskiainen on 7.4.2022.   This year is the 30th anniversary of Pikkulaskiainen and it will be celebrated bigger than ever🤩🤩 Our guild has 19 tickets to the event. We will go there together with the guild PT(The Association of Process Engineering Students). The tickets […]

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Energy Days 2022

Energy days are coming once again! Energy students from Tampere and Lappeenranta gather to Otaniemi 23.-24.3.2022 to make new friends while learning from energy. The days include a seminar, sitsit, afterparty and a sillis. The event is organised in collaboration by IK an LVK(Energy Engineering -Club). Note: The seminar will be held in finnish, but […]

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Guilds of ENG have gathered their forces and are arranging a remote event, DrinktastENG! The agenda is to try new amazing alcohol free drinks! The participation includes a non-alcoholic package full of ingredients for the drinks as well as the recipes. You can reserve some alcohol to spike your drinks, if you wish. The drink […]

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108½ Hermanni

It’s been two years since we last raised a glass to our aging guild, face to face. Now finally, the time has come, because as IK turns another half year older, we get to celebrate our guild’s 108½-year anniversary-sitsit together! The evening starts at 18:00 with a cocktail reception, where live music creates a festive […]

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Norske Kimble Cup 2021


“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War 14.9. at 17.00 OK20 upstairs and Takka cabinet turn into game arena! Norske Kimble Cup is here again! Check out how to play the game at: http://rakennusinsinoorikilta.fi/guild/events/norske-kimble/ and sign you and your team member up! First […]

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Homeland Long Excursion


Homeland Long Excursion 15.-17.9.2021 ***NEW DATE*** The most anticipated tradition of the Guild of Civil Engineering, the Homeland Long Excursion is coming again! The excursion will be organized this year 15.-17.9.2021. As usual, the participants will be selected through an application. Also two (2) Norske Kimble winners will also be eligible for the trip. Applications […]

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