Abroad excursion 2022

Abroad excursion is coming again!


Wait what, what is the abroad excursion?!?


The Guild of Civil Engineers organizes an excursion abroad every year. The purpose of our excursion is to learn more about our fields of study from a local point of view, and also to find out how Finnish know-how could be put to use in projects abroad.


This year we are organizing an excurison to Europe! We will visit The Netherlands and Denmark. Especially we will focus our visits to Amsterdam and Copenhagen.


Come and join us in getting to know what our field of study looks like in Europe. Here’s a link to the last organised excursion abroad, so you can get the idea, what the excursion is made of!

2019 Barcelona ja Madrid





What: Abroad excursion 2022

Where: Europe

When: 5.9. – 11.9.

Cost: 250e +/- 100e (funding is still being collected)

Enrolment: Queuing (live) behind the guild room 12.6. There is a limit for freshmen of ’21 of three persons (3). The excursion is guided towards students who are further in their studies. There will be approximately 20 spots available. The price, number of spots and the binding nature of the enrolment will be specified before enrolment. We advise to arrive in good time for the queuing 🙂

Why: Friends, Guild and a week of late summer in Europe





The price, number of spots and the compulsoriness of the enrolment while be specified before enrolment.



Questions? Slide to tg @OmenaJ