110 1/2 Hermanni and Herring breakfast 13.-14.10.

110½ Hermanni 13.10.


The 111th anniversary year of our beloved guild is fast approaching its half-way point and that of course means the arrival of Puolihermanni. Puolihermanni will be celebrated on Friday 13.10. and on that day it’s time to gather with the guild members to celebrate 110½ years of our guild at Servin mökki! There’s room for all guild members regardless of year, so whether you’re a freshman, alumni or something in between, you’re all welcome to celebrate, including avecs.

The evening begins at 18:00 with a cocktail reception at the Student Culture Museum. Kongi will bow to signal the start of the main party at the Servin mökki at 18:45. 

110½ Hermann has 190 seats for the first registered guild members. There are 30 seats for alumni and 50 seats for freshmen. Registration opens here Monday, Sept. 25th at 12.00 Registration closes Oct. 5th, after which it becomes binding.


Herring breakfast 14.10.

The celebrations don’t end with the main party on Friday, but on Saturday 14th of October there will be an opportunity to reminisce about last night and develop new festive memories. The saunas of the lakeside sauna, lots of food and drinks, and especially the traditional herring atmosphere of the rantasauna will leave no one cold, so join us at the rantasauna from 12 noon.

WHAT? 110½ Hermanni and sillis

WHERE? Fri 13.10. at 18:00 cocktail party, at 18:45 main party. Sat 14.10. herring breakfast at 12 noon

WHERE? Cocktail party at the Student Culture Museum, main party at Servin Mökki, Sillis at Rantasauna

WHAT’S ON? 23 € main party (13.10), 10 € Herring breakfast (14.10.)

DRESSCODE? Main party: Cocktail/Dark Suit, Herring breakfast: free/chill