IK x MK Back To Smögwarts -sitz 25.8.

Have you already forgotten how to hold a wand or fly a broom? 🪄🧹It’s time to test your spellcasting skills and return from the summer holidays to Smögwarts, where the flaming welcoming goblets will rise to the ceiling on Friday 25 August. 🔥 Instead of the Phoenix Guild, 50 representatives of the Guild of Surveying Engineers and 50 representatives of the Guild of Civil Engineers have been invited to the banquet tables. So come with your witch and wizard friends to Smögwarts to conjure up a new academic year! 🤩

We aim to hold the table party outside in the grounds of Smögwarts’ back garden, if the weather spells that keep the rain away are successful. Registration for the first Smögwarts sitz of the school year begins here on 7.8. at 12 and becomes binding on 20.8.

Welcome to Smögwarts! 🦁🦅🦡🐍

WHAT: MK x IK Back to Smögwarts -sitz
WHERE: Smögwarts grounds (Jämeräntaival 4)
WHEN: 25.8.2023, cocktail at 17.30 and table party at 18.00
WHY: so you can become a wizard + back to school !
DC: Wizarding and teekkari cap
PRICE: max 15€ (including a badge)