Abroad excursion 2024

The Abroad Excursion is here again!

Going abroad with your guildmates to learn new things and get to know the cultures of the destination countries? It sounds too good to be true…

So we’re off with the guild to explore international circles. Here are links to our latest outdoor excursions, so you can explore what’s available now.

2022 Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lund
2019 Barcelona and Madrid
2018 Belgium and France
2017 New Delhi, India

This year’s destinations are Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Our guild currently represents a wide range of engineering disciplines. There will be visits to a wide range of interesting companies in our fields, so whatever your field of study, it’s a trip worth taking! In addition to the company visits, you’ll have cultural experiences and you might even meet a few future colleagues on the way.
So dig your suitcase out of the cupboard and go with your friends to see if the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence!

What: Ulkoexcu 2024
Where: central Europe
When: 9.9. – 14.9.
What it costs: 250e +/- 100e (fundraising in full swing)
Registration: Queue (physical) at the back of the guild hall on 18.5. Participation of current tups i.e. (freshmen 23) is limited to four (4) people. Places are available for the fastest 18 people. Details for queue policies behind this link
Why: Friendship, Guild and a week in Europe at the end of summer.