Päivä 6 – Day 6

When we woke up, we headed to city to have a refreshing breakfast. We still had some time before the afternoon excursion, so we decided to do some shopping and to wander around to see the colourful streets of Madrid.

Since the weather was good, we decided to walk to the Pöyry office. There we were greeted by management consults Javier Revuelta and Arias Jara, who showed us their office, which had a beautiful view over the city. We took a group photo in front of the Pöyry logo, which is going to be changed soon due to the merge of Pöyry and ÅF.

In Madrid’s office, Pöyry focuses on management consulting. Over 50 percent of the management consulting employees work in the field of energy. Management consulting is a link between investors and technology that demands a knowledge of industry, technology and people skills among some other things.

There are two main energy challenges in Spain. The first is the differences in opinions considering questions in the energy field between political left and right. The left wants a lot of new renewable energy sources and to stop using nuclear power. The right instead is in favour of nuclear power since it emits no CO2 and it’s cost effective after the plant has been built. The other thing is the new government, which has planned a lot of solar and wind power. Since the political atmosphere is unstable and changing every once in a while, it’s hard to do long term plans. Like Javier said, “It’s like a sport where rules suddenly change”. At the end Javier and Arias shared their views on useful skills in the consulting field. We thank Pöyry for the time they spent with us and the interesting chat.