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? Nordic Meeting 2018 ?

Nordic Meeting, also known as Nordisk Möte is an annual meeting for surveying students from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. This year’s host is Aalto University in Finland and the meeting will take place on 2.-6.10.2018.

These four days will be packed with fun activities to get to know new people ?, including parties ?, company visits ?, a pub crawl ?, games and competitions ?. More specific information will be published later, so stay tuned by clicking going/interested!

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At most, this event will cost 60 €, not including the transportation to Finland, but including accommodations. More information about the payment will also be specified as soon as the schedule can be confirmed. For now, what participants need to know is that the first event of Nordisk Möte will take place on Tuesday evening, and the last activity is breakfast on Saturday morning.

➡ The sign up for this event will open on 1.7.2018 at 12:00 and the link will be posted to this event. The quota is 20 students per country, but this may be changed later if spaces are left available.