KvKPP 2021

– “Hey ho, bus driver! Where are we going?” –

– “KvKPP!” –

Englanninkielinen KPP koko killalle – erityisesti Maisterifukseille

Signup on Saturday 25.9. at 15:00 through this sign up form. Sign up ends 4.10. 18:00!


This time we’ll turn the pages of history books once again and head to the KvKPP bus trip! 🥳 And for the first time ever! 🤯

Join the mystery ride to see what our beautiful country has to offer us. 🐾

As usually, in busses we trust and we’ll leave Otaniemi with exlporing mind! 🚌 This overnight trip is guaranteed with insight over modern Finland as well as the beautiful Finnish nature! 🌲🌅

There are places for the 38 fastest only so be here when sign up begins! The trip is mostly for Master’s degree fuksis but we have also a quota for ten all IK guild members!

WHAT: A bus trip to most beautiful Finland
Start from Otaniemi 8.10. at 09:00
Return to Otaniemi 9.10. at 14:00
COST: 15€
WHY: Come and see!